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Clemens G. Arvay ...

"... is one of the handful of modern 'eco-philosophers' offering early brush strokes for a portrait of a future we can still help create, where human beings are not defined by the surface of their skin or the content of their brains, but by their integration with all of life."

-- Richard Louv, American journalist, author of Last Child in the Woods  and other books



Cambridge Schoolars Publishing

International Handbook of Forest Therapy -

with two scientific chapters by Clemens G. Arvay

The new International Handbook of Forest Therapy was released by Cambridge Schoolars Publishing in december 2019. It was edited by Prof. Qing Li and colleagues. The book is a benchmark of Applied Forest Medicine. The following two chapters of the book were written by Clemens Arvay:

Eco-Psychosomatics – The Link between Natural Habitats and Human Health

Updating the Biophilia Hypothesis in the Context of Forest Medicine

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