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"... is one of the handful of modern 'eco-philosophers' offering early brush strokes for a portrait of a future we can still help create, where human beings are not defined by the surface of their skin or the content of their brains, but by their integration with all of life."

-- Richard Louv, American journalist, author of Last Child in the Woods  and other books

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The Healing Code of Nature -
Discovering the New Science of Eco-Psychosomatics

latest English book by Clemens G. Arvay

Human beings are inseparable from the natural world, co-evolving with all of life. In order to thrive, we need to nourish this bond. In The Healing Code of Nature, biologist Clemens G. Arvay illuminates the miraculous ways that the human body interprets the living “code” of plants, animals, and our larger natural habitat for healing and sustenance. Here is a book as inspiring as it is fascinating, offering a new vision for the future of medicine and the way we relate to our environment.

ISBN: 978-1683640318

Sounds True, 2018

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Clemens G. Arvay, biologist and author

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