Clemens G. Arvay
Die Naturgeschichte des Immunsystems

(The natural history of the immune system)

This book illuminates the evolutionary development of the immune system throughout the history of life from bacteria and unicellular organism to plants, animals and humans.

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Arvay Wir koennen es besser.jpg

Clemens G. Arvay
Wir können es besser

(We can do better) -
Wie Umweltzerstörung die Corona-Pandemie auslöste und warum ökologische Medizin unsere Rettung ist

(How environmental destruction caused the corona pandemic and why ecological medicine is our way out)

Quadriga, Bastei Lübbe Publishing, 2020

ISBN: 978-3869951034

Arvay Cover Impfstoffbuch.jpg

Clemens G. Arvay
Corona-Impfstoffe: Rettung oder Risiko?

(COVID-19 vaccines: hope or risk?)

A very differenciated, science-based book on the problems and open questions about vaccines agains SARS-CoV-2, that were tested unter telescoped circumstances.

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Cover Arvay - Mit den Baeumen wachsen wi

Clemens G. Arvay
Mit den Bäumen wachsen wir in den Himmel

(Growing with the Trees to Reach to the Sky) -
Autistische Kinder mit der Heilkraft des Waldes fördern

(Supporting the Development of Autistic Children with the Curative Power of Woodland)

Goldmann Publishing, Random House Germany, 2019

ISBN: 978-3442159895

Clemens G. Arvay
Biophilia in der Stadt 
(Biophilia in the City) -
Wie wir die Heilkraft der Natur in unsere Städte bringen

(How to bring the Healing Forces of Nature into our Cities) -
mit einem Vorwort von Gerald Hüther
(Foreword by renowned brain scientist Gerald Hüther)


Nature is the best cure of diseases of civilization such as chronic stress, cardiovascular diseases and depression. In the forest our immune functions increase as well as the health of our organs and cells. But how could we experience the healing forces of nature in our metropoles? Forest bathing in the city? Clemens Arvay is optimistic. The biologist shows, how and why natural urban design impacts the health of the individuals as much as the welfare of our society in a positive way. The biophilic city of the future consists of a network of eco-corridors, guarantees better air quality and continuous contact to nature for everyone. The book includes hints for city dwellers to already enjoy the healing powers of nature in the cities of today.

ISBN hardcover:


Goldmann Verlag, 2018

ISBN hardcover:

Riemann, Munich, 4/2016

ISBN paperback:

Goldmann, Munich, 3/2018


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Clemens G. Arvay
Der Heilungscode der Natur
(The Healing Code of Nature) -
Die verborgenen Kräfte von Pflanzen und Tieren entdecken

(Discover the Hidden Powers of Plants and Animals)

"We warmly recommend this book to everyone, who wants to think about health in a new way".
- Naturarzt (Nature Doctor), German Health Magazine

The human organism does not end with the surface of the skin. Clemens G. Arvay sets out to find scientific evidence of healing bonds existing between human beings and nature. In which way do the terpenes in the woods boost our immune system? Which anticancer substances from nature could be used in medication? What role do animals play in that great organism called Earth of which we are also part?

Arvay has written of what he discovered from his own field studies and experiments and also of what he learned from internationally leading scientists. He has thus established the new science of eco-psychosomatics, which has revolutionised our understanding of ourselves and our connection with the environment.

"Arvay’s book is one of the pioneering works heralding a new, post-dualistic era of thinking, in which we understand ourselves as parts of a vast commons of life".
- Andreas Weber, PhD, biologist and author of Biology of Wonder and Matter & Desire

“Well researched, vivid, enthralling. Definitely read this”!- natürlich (naturally), German Lifestyle Magazine

ISBN hardcover: 978-3990011133

Edition a, Vienna, 4/2015

ISBN paperback: 978-3548376592

Ullstein, Berlin, 10/2016

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Clemens G. Arvay
Der Biophilia-Effekt
(The Biophilia Effect) -
Heilung aus dem Wald
(Healing from the Forest)

We all know from our experience, that being in the forest is good for our health. Now modern sciences are bringing us the evidences to verify this intuition. This book shows that the healing bond between humans and nature has a significantly stronger positive influence on our health than we knew before. For example plants are communicating to our immune system in a biological process, at the same time increasing our immune function. Volatile substances in the forest air, derived by trees, strengthen our natural mechanisms that protect us from cancer. Different landscape views support the cure of different diseases, and walking in a green space can significantly improve our mental state. Clemens G. Arvay doesn´t only illustrate all those Biophilia Effects on a scientific basis, he also explains how we can improve our health during breathing and relaxing exercises in nature - for example in the forest, on a mountain, in the savanna or in our own garden.
The foreword of this book was written by the well known German physician, psychotherapist and author Ruediger Dahlke, MD, who said about Der Biophilia-Effekt: 

Clemens G. Arvay
Friss oder Stirb
(Eat or Die) -
Wie wir den Machthunger der Lebensmittelkonzerne brechen und uns besser ernähren können.

(How we can crush the Dominance of the Food Industries and live on better food)

"Elaborately and artistically, Clemens G. Arvay dissambles the industrial agriculture, which appears in a green disguise. But on his journey across Europe he also visits farmers who successfully swim against the stream. There is hope. An awesome reportage book"!
- Wilfried Huismann, German documentary filmmaker and author


ISBN hardcover: 978-3711000309

Ecowin, Salzburg, 3/2013

out of print, available as e-book

ISBN hardcover: 978-3800075287

Ueberreuter, Vienna, 1/2012

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Clemens G. Arvay
Der große Bio-Schmäh
(The big Organic Fraud) -
Wie uns die Lebensmittelkonzerne an der Nase herumführen

(How Food Industries are leading us up the Garden Path)

"Many of us who wanted to buy themselves a quiet conscience in the supermarket will have a hard time with this book. It is an indispensable source of information for those who no longer want to be cheated".
- Klaus Werner-Lobo, investigative journalist and author in Vienna

"The original demands of organic agriculture are endangered by the interests of agricultural industries. Clemens G. Arvay shows the reality behind the green facade of  food advertising. This book is a very important contribution to the protection of consumers of organic products".
- Karoline M. Jezik, PhD, Professor emeritus at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

ISBN paperback: 978-3868815221

Redline, Munich, 4/2014

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Clemens G. Arvay
Hilfe, unser Essen wird normiert!

(Help! Our Food is being standardized) -
Wie uns EU-Bürokraten und Industrie vorschreiben, was wir anbauen und essen sollen
(How EU-Bureaucrats and Industries foist their Foods and Seeds on us)

In this book Clemens G. Arvay informs the reader about the machinations of the European and international Seeds Industries, that poison our soils, destroy the diversity of our useful plants and substitute it with their biologically degenerated seeds - all for their insatiable profit. A tenthousand years old biocultural heritage of humankind has almost been extincted - namely the diversity of cultivated plants, which are of invaluable importance for our ecological future on planet Earth and our nutritional safety. We are on the verge to loose this treasure forever. Clemens G. Arvay reveals how the Seeds Industries, that force their degenerated and profitable breedings even on organic farmers, are responsible for this massiv loss.
The foreword of the book was written by Sarah Wiener, a well known celebrity chef and author in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Clemens G. Arvay und
Mariya Beer

Das Biophilia-Training

(The Biophilia Training)
ISBN paperback: 978-3990011607

Edition a, Vienna, 4/2016

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Roland Düringer und
Clemens G. Arvay

Leb wohl, Schlaraffenland
(Goodbye, Wonderland)
ISBN hardcover: 978-3990010655

Edition a, Vienna, 11/2013

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Clemens G. Arvay
Fruchtgemüse - Alte Sorten und außergewöhnliche Arten neu  entdeckt
(Fruiting Vegetables - Rediscover Old Varieties and Extraordinary Species)
ISBN hardcover: 978-3702013073

Stocker, Graz, 3/2011

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