ISBN: 978-1683640318

Sounds True, Colorado, 2018

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Clemens G. Arvay
The Healing Code of Nature -

Discovering the New Science of Eco-Psychosomatics

Human beings are inseparable from the natural world, co-evolving with all of life. In order to thrive, we need to nourish this bond. In The Healing Code of Nature, biologist Clemens G. Arvay illuminates the miraculous ways that the human body interprets the living “code” of plants, animals, and our larger natural habitat for healing and sustenance. Here is a book as inspiring as it is fascinating, offering a new vision for the future of medicine and the way we relate to our environment.
Learn more about:
• The new science of eco-psychosomatics: the study of the close connection between mind, body, and nature
• The biophilia effect and the healing relationship between humans and trees
• Epigenetics and the mounting evidence of how environmental experiences of a living being can directly affect genetic material
• The role of evolutionary medicine in understanding and treating cancer
• Regenerating in nature and taking a time-out from the stressors of modern living
• Unleashing the healing potential of encounters with animals
• Moving beyond the materialist view to reclaim nature as an unsolvable mystery


"Arvay’s book is one of the pioneering works heralding a new, post-dualistic era of feeling and thinking, in which we understand ourselves as parts of a vast commons of life, as variations of one grand desire to realize aliveness through reciprocal sharing".

- Andreas Weber, PhD, biologist and author of Matter & Desire, Biology of Wonder, and Enlivenment

ISBN: 978-1683640424

Sounds True, Colorado, 02/2018

Clemens G. Arvay
The Biophilia Effect -

A Scientific and Spiritual Exploration of the Healing Bond between Humans and Nature

"The Biophilia-Effect by Clemens G. Arvay is stimulating and original"!
- Michael Harner, PhD, author of The Way of The Shaman, and Cave and Cosmos

Did you know that spending time in a forest activates the vagus nerve, which is responsible for inducing calm and regeneration? Or that spending just one single day in a wooded area increases the number of natural killer cells in the blood by almost 40 percent on average?


We've all had an intuitive sense of the healing power of nature. Clemens G. Arvay's new book brings us the science to verify this power, sharing fascinating research along with teachings and tools for accessing the therapeutic properties of the forest and natural world. Already a bestseller in Germany, The Biophilia Effect is a book that transforms our understanding of our interconnection with nature—and shows us how to engage the natural world wherever we live for greater health, inspiration, rejuvenation, and spiritual sustenance.

The foreword of this book was written by Marc Bekoff, PhD, a Professor emeritus of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology at the University of Colorado.

“I recommend this book. We know that spending time in nature is good for both mental and physical health. Here is a practical guide to help you do that.”

- Andrew Weil, MD, author of Mind Over Meds

“In this groundbreaking book, Clemens Arvay illustrates how we can easily rewild our hearts and our psyches by reconnecting with all of nature. And, as our bodies, psyches, and souls heal, the world will become a better place for all because our deep evolutionary roots of wildness allow us to accept who we truly are and lead us into forming and maintaining caring and loving relationships with all of our kin. Healing for one will lead to healing for all”.
- Marc Bekoff, PhD, Professor emeritus of Evolutionary Medicine and Ecology, University of Colorado


Dieter Kotte, Qing Li (editors)
International Handbook of Forest Therapy


Cambridge Scholars Publishers (2019)

As co-author Clemens Arvay contributed two scientific chapters to this textbook.