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Clemens Arvay is entitled European Professional Biologist (short: EurProBiol) by the European Countries Biologists Association based on the EU directive 2005/36/EG. After a detailed evaluation of the academic education and qualifications, this title is only awarded to individuals with an academic degrees in biology and professional work experience as a biologist. Related links:

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Experts commenting about the case "Wikipedia against Arvay": <PDF>


Clemens G. Arvay (EurProBiol) is an Austrian biologist and author specializing in ecoimmunology. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the department of biology at the University of Graz (see confirmations of the University). He graduated in applied plant science (MSc) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Before that he had qualified in landscape ecology (BSc) at Graz University. His work is centered on the relation between biodiversity and health, whereby he focuses on the health-promoting influences of ecosystems in context with evidence-based preventive and complementary medicine. Clemens Arvay´s books were translated in several languages including english, spanish, french, japanese, chinese and korean.

Arvay is a member of the renowned Austrian Association of Scientists for the Environment (Forum Wissenschaft & Umwelt) in Vienna, where he is responsible for the special field of health ecology. He advocates for an eco-psychosomatic view of life and health, in which the human organism is understood as extended beyond the surfaces of the skin and highly integrated into a functional circle with nature and other lifeforms. His aim is to establish the science of eco-psychosomatics as a widely accepted interdisciplinary field that integrates biology, medicine, psychology and social sciences. Arvay was born in 1980.


"Clemens Arvay is one of the leaders of a new nature movement, that builds on traditional conservation and sustainability, but takes the next step into a holistic view of humans as part of a symbiotic relationship with nature. I deeply admire his work".

-- Richard Louv, American journalist and author of Last Child in the Woods, The Nature Principle  and Vitamin N

"I am extremely impressed by Clemens G. Arvay´s clear depiction of the great connections in nature. He makes it possible for everyone to experience science."

-- Thomas Haase, PhD, President of the University College of Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy in Vienna

"Clemens G. Arvay illustrates how we can easily rewild our hearts and our psyches by reconnecting with all of nature. And, as our bodies, psyches, and souls heal, the world will become a better place for all because our deep evolutionary roots of wildness allow us to accept who we truly are and lead us into forming and maintaining caring and loving relationships with all of our kin. Healing for one will lead to healing for all."

-- Marc Bekoff, PhD, Professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado in Boulder

"Clemens G. Arvay reconnects us modern humans - who have been damaged by our civilization - with the power of nature, conveying scientific knowledge in a refreshing tone."

-- Wolf-Dieter Storl, PhD, German-American anthropologist, ethnobotanist and author

"In my TV program Menschen der Woche (People of the Week) I´ve had on more than 3,000 guests. Clemens G. Arvay, with his expertise, was one of the most interesting, whom I like to remember very much."

-- Frank Elstner, renowned German host and founder of the most famous German TV show Wetten dass...?

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